Sunday, November 9, 2008

The boy and his guitar

By: Jex Faith Alfanta

One summer of May
I heard a lonesome music play
and i listened to it by heart
it whispered " I'm not so far"

So I walked toward the music lure me
and not long there stood before me
The boy and his guitar

The lad to me was a stranger
but i felt my heart was in danger
for when he cast a dashing smile
it was enough to make me stay a while

His music lingered in the air
and his voice was the music to my ears
his strumming cast a magical charm
and promises of love so warm

Indeed, his music was the finest in town
but what makes it more worth a crown?
It is his vow that the music was for me

But like winter invading summer
his vow slowly dried and withered
his melody's warmness gives me nothing now
but chills over my spines somehow

One July after May
I heard a familiar music play
and as I listened to it's sweet refrain
I felt my heart cracked in dreadful pain

For when I followed where the music lure me
there he was, singing his song to every girl he meets
and not just for me!

Now, his music is still the finest in town
but what makes it more worth my frown?
Well, those melodies means nothing to me now
but memories of the boy and his guitar's broken vow